XM Trading Platfroms

XM offers three platforms on which one can trade which are MT4, MT5, and Web Platform.


This is the most common platform which is used by many traders throughout the world. This platform is considered best for beginners but there is no restriction for the same even professional traders use this platform to trade. This Platform itself provides several plus points which are as follows:

1. Easy to Use and Understand

2. Many types of indicators are in this platform which makes it easy to analyze the market trend.

3. Access to various currency pairs, CFDs and cryptocurrency.

4. Can be used on any operating system such as windows, mac, Linux, etc.

5. Allows you to trade any time in 5 days (Monday to Friday).

XM Broker MT4 Platform

XM MT4 Platform

The above picture shows the MT4 platform, on the left side the first partition is the market watch panel, below which the navigation panel is shown, the black screen is showing the graph of the currency pairs, the tab at the bottom is the terminal where you can see your ongoing trades.


This is a bit advance from MT4 providing everything that is needed for flexible trading. There are several powerful tools provided by this platform to analyze the market better and make the right choices of investment. The availability of 31 languages into which it can be translated, adds a plus point to the platform. There is also an option to subscribe to the signals, use technical indicators, run trading robots, and rent a virtual server. This platform is most suitable for professional traders.

XM Mt5 Platform

XM MT5 Platform

XM Web Trader

This offers direct access to the trading platform online without any requirement of downloading any software. You can access all of the trades online as well as can open the trades and close them.

Mobile Trading Platform XM Offers

MT4 Mobile Application

To trade with an XM account on mobile you are required to download MT4 for the mobile application on which you can log in using the XM server, account number, and password. On the mobile application, you will be able to see the market watch and along with that you can open and close the orders.

MT4 Mobile Application

MT4 Mobile Application

In the above picture, the meta trader 4 app is shown, which is available in the play store.

XM app

XM does have its application as well with which you can easily trade with them.

XM Mobile Application

XM Mobile Application

In the above picture, XM Mobile Application is shown, which is available in the play store.


In this article, we learned the platform XM provides to trade on. They have the MT4 platform which is one of the best platforms for both beginners and professionals. MT5 is suggested to be used by professional traders. MT4 and MT5 platforms both have technical analysis tools but MT5 is a bit more advanced than MT4 that’s why professionals are suggested to use that. XM also offers the web trader on which you can execute trades using a web browser without any downloading of any kind of software.

There are also two applications on which you can trade using an XM account, one is an MT4 mobile application whereas the other is an XM broker’s own application. In my point of view, applications are best at looking at the trades or executing a few but applications are limited to some extent you can’t use indicators properly or analyze the market on them. I suggest using the MT4 desktop platform to understand this market better.