RoboForex Trading Platforms

RoboForex MT4

If you are new then this is the go-to platform for you. However, that doesn’t mean that professionals couldn’t use it. This platform is used by various people around the world.

RoboForex MT4 Platform

It has all the features and analysis tools to learn and trade. Attend Webinars, read articles, and see videos provide to learn about trading and the platform is very easy to use and understand.

Features of MT4

  1. Interface is reliable and user-friendly. Above all can be used by both beginners and professionals.
  2. Access to various currency pairs, CFDs, and cryptocurrencies.
  3. Customizable as per your requirement. Meaning you can select currencies in which you want to trade and analyze using any indicators as per your suitability and trade.
  4. Interference is minimum, you can observe movement every second without being interrupted
  5. Compatible with Windows, Linux, and mac.
  6. Allows to trade 24*5 days


This platform provides everything needed for flexible trading operations. The platform offers powerful tools such as a flexible trading system, technical and fundamental analysis, multi-currency tester, a professional MQL5 development environment, and alerts. The platform can be translated into 31 different languages for the convenience of people who only know one language. You can subscribe to signals, use technical indicators, run trading robots and rent a virtual server. Professional people prefer to use this platform for a better experience of the analysis and results.

C Trader

This platform is designed to fulfill two functions: firstly, execution of trades, and secondly, charting. The platform visuals are really attractive, it’s designed keeping in mind that the platform is intuitive to use. The platform has visuals of web-based platforms. Even beginners can use this account for a better understanding of the forex market but this platform is mostly used by professionals who prefer order execution speed and unconventional instruments to implement their trading strategies.

R Trader

It is a web trader, which is provided by Robo Forex to run your trades online without any requirement for downloading any other software to your Laptop or Mobile. You can get access to all global financial markets over a web terminal in a familiar web browser.

Robo Forex Terminals

This terminal is designed for those who trade using their mobile phone. You can trade all MT4 accounts with comfort from anywhere in the world on any mobile device using the most advanced tools which include 13 technical Indicators, Convenient account management, 9 tools for graphic analysis, and Analytics from Roboforex expert. Moreover, get this platform absolutely free.

Mobile Platforms to trade with RoboForex

Meta Trader 4 Mobile Application

This is a common application used by many traders to trade with different brokers, the application is quite easy to use and is best way to trade on mobile. This application looks like the below image:

Mt4 Application

RoboForex Application

RoboForex provides 3 applications one is for ctrader, one is for mt4 and mt5 trading and the last one is for analytics. Meaning that it has separate applications for every trading pattern even analytics. The images of the application are shown below:

Roboforex R Mobile Trading Application

RoboForex Mobile Trader App

RoboForex cTrader Application

RoboForex cTrader App

Roboforex Analytics Application

Roboforex Analytics App


In this article, we have learned about the platform of trading which is available on Roboforex. Roboforex provides 5 trading platforms which is the maximum I have seen on any broker. They have MT4, MT5, cTrader, RTrader, and Roboforex Terminal. As per my experience, I suggest going with MT4 because that is one of the most well-known and best for beginners to trade with.

Otherwise, to trade on mobile you can use either the MT4 common application or Roboforex trading application. Though I suggest keeping track and executing trades through mobile the analysis should be` done on a desktop platform as it offers many more features than a mobile application is limited to.