What More To Know About IC Markets?

What is IC Markets?

IC Markets is a forex broker which helps or acts as a mediator between the users and the forex market. This broker provides its services on every laptop or pc so no one is needed to go anywhere to trade in the forex market.

Is IC Markets legal in India?

Well, being regulated by top-tier license bodies it is perfectly safe to trade with them as long as you meet their requirements.

Which Account type you recommend and why?

The best account type in my point of view is a raw account with the cheapest cost with fix commission and best services among the other account types.

“Let’s have a look at what exactly does IC markets provide”

Minimum deposit amount with IC Markets

The minimum deposit amount with IC Markets is $200 which is quite a bit amount for new traders who want to learn to trade. Therefore, we suggest making a demo account first and getting to know the basics of the forex market.

What can be traded with IC Markets

IC markets provide to offer a total of 291 tradeable instruments. Cryptocurrency is also possible to trade only through CFDs. Let’s have a look at what they offer to trade-in:.

Tradeable Instruments Available with IC MarketsExamples
CommoditiesCrude Oil, Natural Gas, XAUUSD, Soyabean, Sugar etc
IndicesICE Dollar Index, VIX Index, Xetra DAX Index etc.
BondsDebt securities etc
CryptocurrencyBTCUSD, ETHUSD, LTCUSD etc
StocksApple, Facebook, BHP Billiton etc

IC Markets Research and Education

For getting information about education click on the more option on their webpage, in that you will find an option for education in which you can get all the relevant material to know about how to trade.

They provide you the overview of the education after which how to trade or trading knowledge is given.

There are a lot more options available to learn with them including video tutorials, Web TV, and Webinar.

Help and resources

Along with the education material they also provide tools for calculation which are as per the below image

Platforms to trade on

Therefore, with the help of the tools, they provide you can analyze the market better.

Trading Experience

There is no fixed trading experience required to trade with IC markets because the broker seems to provide material for learning also which simply means that they are welcoming newbies as well. The platform and the website are simple and easy to use so there are no issues with trading for beginners as well. Just be sure to choose the easiest account type for your better understanding. In my opinion, I prefer to go with a standard account at the beginning.