What More to Know about FBS Broker?

What is FBS Broker?

FBS is a forex broker which acts as a mediator between the forex market and its traders. They offer various services and in my point of view are one of the most expensive brokers out of all which I have studied and traded on.

This means that you can be at your preferred location and trade at your preference there isn’t even any time restriction for 5 days a week. You can buy and sell the currency pair as per your analysis and results.

Is FBS Broker Legal in India?

FBS is considered a trustworthy broker because they hold an FSC license along with that the broker provides SSL layer protection. A person in India can definitely use this broker to trade.

Which Account type do you recommend and why? / FBS Best account type

The best account type in my point of view is Standard as it has no commission and spread is also low as compared to other account types.

Where does FBS broker don’t provide their services?

The service is not provided in the following countries: Japan, USA, Canada, UK, Myanmar, Malaysia, Israel, and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Which Account type you recommend and why?

The best account type in my point of view is Standard as it has no commission and spread is also low as compared to another account types.

What can be traded with FBS?

With an FBS broker, you can trade into the following categories:
     1. Forex Currency Pairs: 28 Standard pairs Plus 16 Exotics
     2. Metals: 4 metal pairs
     3. Energies: WTI and Brent Crude Oil
     4. Stocks (Global Only): 40 company shares
     5. Indices: Long list of cash-based indexes including the NASDAQ


“Well considering all the factors before choosing a broker is mandatory, so let’s look at what exactly does FBS Provide”

Minimum deposit amount with FBS

The minimum deposit amount with FBS is 10 dollars, but the ECN account type is not sufficient because of the lot size. In the ECN account type lot size is 0.10 that’s why 10 dollars don’t up to trade with that account type.

Apart from that you can start trading by depositing USD 10 dollars in your account, but remember you will only be able to trade as per the money you have deposited.

Research and Education

As per the other broker FBS also offers you to learn analytics and educate yourself so that you can trade easily. To check for the same, you have to visit their website and there you have to click on the analytics and education option and you will see the below options.

Where to find educational information on FBS website

For example, they offer you to know about the market analysis in which forex news, daily market analysis, and forex TV are available. To check the forex news, you have to click on that option and the below screen will be shown.

Books and articles FBS offer to their traders

In the above picture, there are categories if you want to know about some particular category then you can click on that particular tab, otherwise all categories option is the default page which will lead you onto which all types of news are posted.

For checking other options in this Market analysis section, you just have to click on the particular option.

Next, they also offer some trader tools which may help them in trading better. The tools which they offer are Economic Calendar, Forex Calculator, and currency converter.

Suppose, I have to check the forex calculation then all I have to do is to click on the forex calculator option and the below screen will be shown.

Income Calculator FBS provide

The third option they provide to learn about forex is Forex education. You can look for forex guidebooks, forex books, tips for traders, webinars, video lessons, seminars, and glossaries. To know more about any of the categories all you are needed is to click on that option. For example, I want to look for forex books. When I clicked on that option the below screen will be opened.

Forex books FBS offer

Trading Experience

As described in the above section also, they provide all the required material to learn about forex trading so even if you are new and don’t have any knowledge related to it you can learn it and can trade then. Therefore, there is no restriction on experience with this broker anyone can trade with this broker.