IC Markets Opening Account, Deposit and Withdrawal

Opening Account Procedure

Before opening an account don’t forget to check the account types and decide which account you want to open.

For creating an account with IC Markets, you are needed to follow the below steps:

1. visit www.icmarkets.com

2. Click on start trading, the option is available on the main page itself as shown below

IC Markets Home Page

3. First page that will open will be of filling some basic personal details.

Opening account procedure

4. Once this is filled click on next, you will be taken to next page where you must mention some more details about yourself.

5. Configure the trading account.

6. Accept Declaration.

7. Login

Login page to open account once registration is complete

8. Fund and start trading.

IC Markets Login

To login into IC Markets, click on client login which is on the top right corner of the home page, then the below screen will open:

Login page to open account once registration is complete

Enter your username and password and the login process is complete.

IC Markets Demo Account

To open a demo account, you just have to visit the IC markets home page and you will find the option of opening a demo account as highlighted in the below image:

How to open Demo Account with IC Markets

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

IC Markets provide less platform to deposit as compared to Exness and XM. The options IC markets Provide are shown below:

Deposit options IC markets Provide

What I used to deposit my funds was firstly a bank card but due to some reason, my card was not working for international transactions. So, I opted to fund my account using Neteller which was quite easy to do so.

One more thing to note is that there are no charges for deposit and withdrawal.

For withdrawing funds, IC markets only offer 3 ways, which are bank transfer, Neteller, and China Union Pay. The withdrawal window looks like the below:

Withdrawal Methods IC Markets Offer

When I placed request for withdrawal through Netellar, I got my payment back in my Netellar account within few hours.

Deposit Fees

There is no deposit fee with IC markets.


In this article, we have learned how to open an account with IC Markets in detail. We also got to know how to login into our account on IC Markets website. While opening an account with IC Markets is easy and can be done in a few steps, what I suggest is to open a demo account if you are new to trading to know about this market.

What I have understood while trading and learning is that if you don’t understand this market well you are bound to lose. Therefore, it is suggested to learn and understand this market at first and then open a real account for which you are required to submit id proof and address proof.

We also learned about the deposit and withdrawal methods which IC Markets offer. The methods are few but there is no deposit or withdrawal fees with IC Markets.