Gold Trading Brokers

           Events, circumstances, and experiences arise and pass away. Winning trades, losing trades, fear, greed, sadness, happiness, and eventually your own life. Everything is in a constant flux. Learn to go through it with stability of mind. A meditation practice helps a lot.

           For Finding the broker who has best services for trading in gold we have particularly analyzed the broker by trading ourselves. On the basis of lowest cost and fastest services we are going to deduce top 5 brokers in this category.

Points which we have kept in mind while analyzing the broker are as follows:

1. Spread should be lowest.
2. No commission on account type.
3. Swap should be minimum.


Account Type: Micro

OctaFx is a well known broker in India, along with that broker offers lowest spread with no commission account for gold trading. Let us have look for various day spread of Gold below:

       Average spread of gold with this broker comes out to be approximately 19.75 which is quite low as compared to other brokers. Apart from the the broker is known for its fast services with the fastest chat support as well.

      If you only want your major trade to be gold, then this is indeed a good broker.

GMI Edge

Account type: ECN
The broker is not well known in India but the spread rates are good for trading in gold that’s why it ranks on second position. Let’s have a look at spread values offered by this broker in ECN Account:

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Hot Forex

Account Type: Zero
With this account all other currency has commission but they don’t charge any commission on Gold Trade, Along with that the broker provides the lowest spread. The broker might not be very popular in India but the broker services can be considered as fair enough and one can think of using this broker especially for gold trades.

For more better understanding let us have a look at the spread values of zero account.

   The average spread that comes out to be after a week of data collection is approximately 29.5 which is lowest after OctaFx.

   Overall, the broker services are good and one can use this broker for trading.


Account Type: Micro
XM is one of the popular broker in India, also the broker services are quite good. The broker does provide low spread for gold trading as well. This account type has no commission only swap is charged if your trade is long-held.

Let’s have a look at the spread values which XM offers in this account for gold below:

XM does offer good spread for gold specially when we analyzed the spread values of a whole week the average spread comes out to be 33. The broker overall provides very good services and is quite flexible to use.

One can definitely use this broker for trading in gold.

Robo Forex

Account Type: Prime
Even after adding the commission to the spread value the overall cost of this account is less as compared to other. Roboforex is not much well known in India but it does offer good spread values. 

Let’s have a look at the spread values below:

After analyzing the data of this broker the average spread value even after adding commission comes out to be approximately 25 which is quite low. Though I don’t recommend this broker as well.