FxPro Trading Platforms

Web and Desktop platform FX Pro Offers

FxPro MT4

This is the most common platform which is used by many traders throughout the world. This platform is considered best for beginners but there is no restriction for the same even professional traders use this platform to trade. This Platform itself provides several plus points which are as follows:

1. Easy to Use and Understand

2. Many types of indicators are in this platform which makes it easy to analyze the market trend.

3. Access to various currency pairs, CFDs, and cryptocurrency.

4. Can be used on any operating system such as windows, mac, Linux, etc.

5. Allows you to trade any time in 5 days (Monday to Friday).

Fx Pro MT4 Platform

FxPro MT5

This platform provides everything needed for flexible trading operations. The platform offers powerful tools such as a flexible trading system, technical and fundamental analysis, multi-currency tester, a professional MQL5 development environment, and alerts. The platform can be translated into 31 different languages for the convenience of people who only know one language. You can subscribe to signals, use technical indicators, run trading robots and rent a virtual server. Professional people prefer to use this platform for a better experience of the analysis and results.

MT5 Platform of FXPro

FxPro cTrader

This platform is introduced by FxPro and after that few more ECN brokers started using this platform. It is designed to fulfill two functions: firstly, execution of trades, and secondly, charting. The platform visuals are really attractive, it’s designed keeping in mind that the platform is intuitive to use. The platform has visuals of web-based platforms. Even beginners can use this account for a better understanding of the forex market.

FxPro cTrader Platform

Mobile Platform to trade with FX pro

MT4 Mobile Trading App

This application is the most wanted application among traders as it is the only application that can be traded with different broker’s accounts, instead of downloading a particular broker app to trade with people use this because even if they hold an account with two brokers this single application can work well. The image of this application is shown below.

MT4 Application

FX Pro Trading App

FX pro does offer their own trading platform in which MT4, MT5, and c trader all accounts can be managed. The app can help you out in doing mostly all the trading functions along with deposit and withdrawal as well. The application is shown in the below image.

FX Pro Trading Application


In this article, we have learned about the trading platforms that FX Pro offers. They offer MT4, MT5, and cTrader platforms using which one can trade. All platform is different and people can use them for different account types.

Trading with FX Pro can be done through mobile applications as well where there are two ways to trade with them. First, you can trade using the common MT4 application, and second, you can also trade using the FX Pro application. Though I prefer to trade with the desktop version and track your trades using mobile applications and rest is up to you.